I once was indifferent toward this place, Newport Back Bay, where I used to live. I can’t believe that, considering how much I love it now. Living there was a turbulent time in my life with so much family melee that I won’t get into, but I will say that I clearly wasn’t in the right mental space to appreciate how amazing this place was and still is. Just the sheer enormity of the bay is stunning to me. And now that Scout, our new family puppy, is in our lives I get to explore this wildlife, nature reserve of a neighborhood where my mother lives as much as I want to, with fresh eyes and my camera in hand, naturally. I can’t express enough how inspired I was taking these pictures. The glowing light, my two muses, whom I adore; the little one prancing about and sniffing with excitement at the newness of his environment, a feeling we mutually feel. The hawk perched on the fan palm, the rope-swing hanging from the willow tree—it was all so rich and full and real to me. I was completely in the moment and grateful I was able to document it with the most inspired photos I’ve taken yet.

These photos are special to me for many reasons but mainly they further help me realize what it is I’m meant to do, even if I don’t know the specifics of that yet, if that makes any sense. I know with more and more certainty, as I keep moving forward with my experiences and skills, that I’m meant to take pictures, write and share my story. Just like I did in this post. One of the goals I’ve given myself for 2015 is to get my story out there through my photos, writings and blogging and work really hard at that. It’s been really difficult to stay in line with my vision with all the self-doubt I feel (something I struggle with on a daily basis–don’t we all), along with doubt from people who don’t understand my path, but I’m getting better at staying true to myself in my daily actions, slowly but surely. Because, dammit, I have a whole lot of value to add to this world, just like we all do, and I need to honor that more often. I’ve been telling myself lately that “I’m exactly where I need to be” and try to focus on the positive, instead of dwelling on where I’m not in my career. I try to look at the distance between me and my goal as potential. And that space of potential is infinite; knowing that gives me such a confidence boost. And in light of using that potential, there will be big, exciting changes happening with this blog in the near future, so stay tuned. Good things are on the horizon for me this year, I can feel it. Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my vision. Happy New Year to you!












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I’ve decided, for the time being, that Orange County and I have a much better relationship now that I have relocated myself 1,000 miles away in Portland. Which is kind of sad to admit but I’m okay with it. My hometown now seems to resonate with me more than it ever has in the short trips I’ve taken as a visitor than in the 25 years of me living there. What can I say, some places you’re better off being a visitor and this is the case with me and O.C. But I’m not just any old visitor, we have some serious history and those days of old mingled with the impermanence of my brief trips to Orange County enhances my appreciation of my time there and not only do I get to bask in some much needed Vitamin D, but I have the clarity to bask in the novelty of where my childhood took place simply because I am merely passing through.

But of course, its the people that keep drawing me back most of all. The people in this place, in this time. I’m positive that’s what life is. A basic formula of people in places inhabiting a mere space in time together. There’s an infinite amount of wonder and beauty to behold within that formula, but it’s really that simple I believe. And I feel lucky to understand that my time in the town I grew up in, no matter how brief or imperfect it is, there is still so much abundance in the shared experience of location with people you love (even if I had to convince my sister that getting coffee and going to the beach in the morning would be a worthwhile experience and even if I had to drag her and her new puppy out of bed the morning of and even if I had to make her drive us there–sisters are for making you do things you don’t want to do, right?) And so the three of us threw on our sweaters, took PCH to Alta, one of our favorite coffee haunts, and drove past salty surfers and shiny Woodies to a spot by the sand in the cool morning air. The tactile feeling of bare feet and cold sand was truly thrilling for me. The way Kris’ sleepy eyes and sisterly apathy collided with the salty breeze made me chuckle inside. Our pup’s curious licking of the sand, while seagulls trotted the shore filled me to my core with so much goodness. Best of all the Pacific and I got to meet again, where I spent so many formative moments of my childhood, and that sea-green curtain of water gliding along the sand, tickling the spaces in between my toes felt like I was being warmly hugged by that moment, by that spot along Newport Beach next to the pier, across from the island that was once a second home to my sister and I–hugged by my own history of this location. And I of course, hugged all of it right back.









See the last time my sister and I escaped to the beach, here.

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Here’s a scrapbook, if you will, of some seriously stylish ladies sporting a trend I’m really inspired by–quilted garments. I’m obsessing over the texture! Last week I posted a shoot I did of me in my new favorite jacket and ever since I discovered that sage green beauty I’ve got quilted everything on the brain. Above are some of my top picks and my favorites are without a doubt the Black Crane top and coat in images labeled 1 and 3. The coarseness of the fabric they used in those pieces is so subtle and soft-looking! Perfect is what it is. What do you guys think of this trend, yea or nay?

Shop the bottom four images: 1 (sold out), 2, 3, 4.

Top four image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4. Take a gander at my Pinterest page, here.

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This shoot I did was a result of me waking up one morning and immediately thinking, “I MUST do a photo shoot with me in that jacket.” And in a zombie-like state, that is what I did–tangled hair, sleepy eyes and all. But despite how minimally stylized I am in these photos, (I’m regretting forgoing the make-up–hello bare-faced me!) I’m doing my best to embrace it, because it’s all for the sake of showing off this completely amazing, vintage, Nepalese jacket I recently purchased at Branch Birdie. It’s quilted and sage green and was warmly welcomed by my closet upon it’s homecoming. I can’t get over how current and on trend its quilted pattern is and yet it’s vintage charm is not lost with the way it fits close to my body but has roomier arms–very 80’s, but in the best way possible! I’m a big fan of wearing texture as a pattern because it elevates my everyday look i.e. a simple tee and skinny jeans, but also adds a cool factor to an evening look. And this jacket does all of that! Lucky me. Next week I will be continuing this whole quilted love fest I have going on with a roundup of all of my favorite images and shop-worthy pieces that all give a nod to this textured dreaminess of a trend, one that I’m completely on board with.







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This is a post I recently did for Branch Birdie, the shop I work at. Anna, my lovely boss, was so kind to invite me to Portland Fashion Week a couple weeks ago and after hitting up Pepe Le Moko for their famous Grasshoppers, we made the 5 block trek, heels and all, to Pioneer Courthouse Square to catch the Bridal + Couture show. It was quite the spectacle and we had a lot of fun seeing what these up-and-coming local designers created for their collections. Anna and I oohed and awed over the luxuriously textured wedding gowns, were smitten over the beautiful embroidered pieces and were completely entertained, baffled even (our inner Anna Wintours inevitably came out at times), by some of the more outlandish looks. Super revealing, lingerie-inspired bridal looks? Sure, why not! 5-foot-long fluffy, white tail feathers? Hell, yes! Models in psychedelic printed bikinis complete with fishing gear, followed by a Victorian-dressed woman with a snorkeling mask on? Just go with it.

The musical entertainment of the night did not disappoint either. My favorite performer, Adam Hurst, an internationally acclaimed cellist, plucked and bowed some beautifully haunting music for Wendy Ohlendorf‘s collection, which was inspired by the films Metropolis and Blade Runner, as the models strutted their stuff and even danced down the runway. Another favorite performer of the night was the incredibly talented and adorable 15-year-old, Daniel Seavey (he’s America’s next big star–you heard it hear first), who did an amazing rendition of “Hallelujah” just before the Couture show.

Ultimately, all of what was thoughtfully presented on the runway that night was such a great representation of the ingenuity and charm of this city and it’s excellent that Portland Fashion Week has been doing their thing for 12 years now–bravo! Us Branch Birdie gals certainly loved being a part of the festivities. Until next time, PFW!





























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